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I do not offer commissions through the DA system. For commissions send me a note, or go directly to…

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8 Years of Failure Will Make My Success
Many folks are still asking me about why I've stopped charging for my works, my responses to them were getting pretty large (there's a lot to explain), so I figured I'd post it here, in a blog. - Gosh, where to start...
Firstly, I wouldn't have been able to do this without support I've gotten from folks like you over the years, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. A few SPECIFIC individuals have gotten me out of several jams several times, so sincere thanks for that, they know who they are. If you've commissioned me in the past, or bought something from my store or via paypal, you are one of these people.
Let's talk about how I was doing near the end of my 8-year tenure of making comics to sell...
Creatively I was pretty stressed and ground-down from the store, prices and things like that. Pricing things always stressed me, like if I wanted to make ANYTHING, the 1st thing I have to think about is "who is going to be in it? Will they make money? What will be the fetishes and are
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You may have seen in my recent uploads that Brindie sat in the Diner with a little girl. How did that happen? What relationship do they have? The answer is - none. Here is what happened in Brindie´s 18th episode: 

There was a car accident. Brindie, Ysabeau, and Kimiko had been out for a ride as they passed by the car that had run into a tree and caught fire. Brindie went over to check about the driver.

Brindie 18-009-2 by suzukishinji

She found that the driver was dead, his lifeless body leaned forward, his head with eyes of a dead man´s stare rested on the steering wheel. Brindie took a closer look, and then she saw that little girl in the back, her small hands pressed against the window, and her mouth open and screaming! She could not escape, the childlock was active in the door.

Brindie 18-011-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie didn´t waste a second but ran to the car. She opened the backdoor, grabbed the child, and ran!

Brindie 18-014-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie ran as fast as she could. The flames reached higher, and if the fire ignited the gasoline, hell would break loose. 

Brindie 18-015-2 by suzukishinji

And hell DID break loose. The shock wave of the explosion swept Brindie off her feet, but never did she let go of the child.

Brindie 18-016-2 by suzukishinji

Brindie landed hard on the asphalt. But she was alive, and so was the little girl. Ysabeau was shocked, and she went to check about the two, and to help if necessary.

Well, it was a Sunday morning. Offices were closed. So what would Brindie do with the child that she had just rescued? She found out that the girl didn´t have breakfast yet, so she brought her to the diner...

This and more is in the 18th episode of Brindie´s story. Kimiko´s fight with a policewoman for example. The story of Brindie and the little girl will continue in episode 19...


Andie Persson Portrait 01
A Swedish girl? Nope, a Swedish woman.

22 years of age, competitive. Andie grew up in a rural area with a nearby lake. She loves to swim,
and she did that a lot in her childhood, she still does. That's why she is very fit and has no problems
with stamina. 

When Andie looks in a mirror she is unhappy. What she sees is the face that has matured to beauty,
but her body didn't want to mature in the same way. She is very slim, and it really makes her angry
when she is being asked for her ID card in supermarkets whenever she wants to buy a bottle of
vodka. In one case she offered the lady at the register a beating because she asked her EVERY time
when she was there. The lady laughed and accepted. She came out victoriously in that fight, and
sent Andie back home with two black eyes and a cut lip.

That was one year ago, and it brought Andie to boxing. After a year of hard training she challenged
the lady again, and she had her sweet revenge. After this experience Andie thought that it was time to enter
the boxing rings for real competition. Due to her slim shape and light weight she competes in the
minimum weight division. As of now she had three fights which she won all. She proved real punching
power when she knocked out her opponents in two of the fights...
Abs conditioning 2
Ayako steps up the game a bit. She takes her gloves off, and tests her sister's abs again...
Abs conditioning
Ayako helps her younger sister Asuka prepare for her next fight in the minimum weight division.
Ayako Sukagawa Portrait 01
Green is her color.

Ayako has been here before as Victoria 4 figure. She used to wear "End of summer hair", but it looked crappy in IRAY.
So I changed her hairstyle when I converted her to Genesis 3. This is what she looked like before:

Ayako Sukagawa 001 by suzukishinji

Ayako is three years older than her sister Asuka. Since her parents had died she was the one who took care of her
younger sister, and taking care meant earning money and providing for rent and food as well. 

At young age Ayako had started to practice in kickboxing, and that paid off after her parents'  death. She was only
16 years old when she fought her first underground battle. It was clearly illegal, and damn she got her ass kicked!
But the pay was good enough to feed her and her sister for a few months, and so she did it again. She trained very
hard for her next match - and got knocked out.

But then came the day when Ayako was the winner. It was a hard fight, but she was lucky with a kick to the jaw
that switched off her opponent's lights. Ayako cashed in enough for a year's rent, and there was no day the
sisters had to go to bed hungry. 

Since she hadn't to worry about money for a while Ayako competed in boxing seriously. Due to her rough underground
experience she started to wipe the floor with her opponents, and her record now shows a clean 9-0. Being a featherweight
she is on her way to reach out for the vacant Japanese title, and to get it she will have to fight the 19 years old
Chihiro Kazuya.

Ayako is sure that she will make it. She is absolutely sure that she will knock Chihiro through the ropes, and grab that

The young woman - aged 21 now - still competes in underground fights occasionally...
Asuka 'Babyface' Sukagawa Portrait 01
How she hates her fight name!

When Asuka was in her rebel years and needed a guiding hand, this hand was not there.
Her parents had died in a plane crash when they were on a business trip from Tokyo to
Nairobi, leaving her behind with her elder sister Ayako.

Since that day it was Ayako who took care of her little sister, and Asuka really didn't make 
the job easy for her. Many times the elder sister had to appear at Asuka's school to hear
about the latest incidents which mostly were brawls that Asuka had been involved in.
Black eyes, bleeding noses, and scratches and bruises were on the menu when the young
girl dished out. Asuka was a constant pain in the ass to her fellow students. 

When Asuka turned 16 her sister gave her a sport dress and a pair of boxing gloves. Again
Ayako had to hear about her scraps at school, and she had enough. She wanted to teach
her younger sister a lesson the hard way, one that she wouldn't forget. 

However, things didn't turn out the way Ayako had planned. The elder sister wanted to
start slowly to give her sister a feeling of what she had to expect, and she got surprised
totally by Asuka's all out assault. Ayako was barely able to defend herself against her
storming younger sister, and she got knocked out half a minute later. When Ayako opened
her eyes again she looked in the triumphant face of her younger sister.

It never happened again. Ayako now knew how to handle her sister, and never again lost
to her in a fight. This experience gave Ayako an idea how to channel Asuka's aggression.
She signed her up for a kickboxing club, the same where Ayako trained in for years. From
that day on Asuka didn't start any fights at school. But she nevertheless dealt black eyes
and bleeding noses when students attacked her.

The young girl picked up the sport very fast. Nobody could match her speed and accuracy,
and so it was only a logical decision to let her fight for real in a ring, and though she was
good in kickboxing she chose boxing as her way to compete in a ring. 

Asuka looks frail in appearance. Her slim shape doesn't tell that she is a fighter, and some
girls thought they could mess with her. They all regretted their mistake.

At the age of 18 she now is in her last year at high school. She likes to borrow clothes from
her sister, which leads to some discussions between the sisters. To prevent these discussions
Ayako buys her outfits twice - one for her, and one for her sister.

Asuka competes in the minimum weight class. Her record is 1 win and 1 draw at the moment.


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